Architectural Design

Luxury Architects designs the most amazing modern buildings around the world.

Interior Design

Every single item of a Luxury Architects house is totally custom designed. We design the most amazing, unique interiors that reflect just your style.

Superb Engineering

We make sure all structures and installations in the house are designed in 3D BIM software. Everything is worked out in extreme detail – nothing is left to improvisation on site.

Luxury Architecture made affordable

Luxury . Architects.

By working on-line only, in a streamlined way, Luxury Architects can provide high end architecture without the exorbitant fees of traditional “starchitects”.

If you want starchitecture, but don’t need the starchitect, Luxury Architects are your best choice.

We Love

Perfection .

The details are not the details – they are the design.



  • The details are not the details. They are the Design.

    Charles Eames
Amazing works
Awards winning
operated Years

Super Team .

We work in teams of 3 – not one after the other, but together.

Our design sessions are like a brainstorming – working inside the 3D model, we generate ánd try out dozens and dozens of different ideas. 

Before we send our design to you, each and every detail has probably be designed and changed 50 or 60 times until we´ve found just the most beautiful way to create what you want.

We´ve been working on-line since 2013 and our well-oiled teams will often include architects from around the world; bringing a richness of ideas to the table that is seldom found elsewhere.



News & Updates.

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